UNFOLD: Art in the City of Tomorrow

UNFOLD: Art in the City of Tomorrow is a week-long celebration of art presenting the very best in contemporary art and a new experience of creativity. UNFOLD is a collaboration between four young Londoners: female art-entrepreneurs - including our Co-Founder Katrina Aleksa - who are shaping a more open art world. We believe in supporting artists, connecting people and encouraging new art-buyers. 

Church Street in Central London will be transformed into an immersive experience celebrating emerging artists. We'll take you behind the scenes and introduce you to artists, curators and some exciting thinkers and disrupters. Join us on this journey through a working artist's studio and two innovative exhibition spaces with talks and workshops. 

We want to bring art back to reality. The works in the exhibition will highlight creativity, craftsmanship and pure inspiration. We believe passionately in encouraging art-buyers to connect with artists, and recognise our role as art-businesses in making this happen. That is why Unfold was created. There will be a constant dialogue between the two, in peaceful spaces, free from distractions, phones and social media. This is the future. 

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Unfold will be on from the 3rd until the 8th October 2017.