The Association of Women in the Arts aims to bring together inspirational women working in the arts to collaborate, mentor one another, share contacts and create a new kind of community. We believe that by working together we can collectively benefit our members in their career advancement, thereby increasing representation of women at senior levels in the art world. In order to support this vision we ask that our members embrace our founding principles and adhere to our membership terms. 


AWITA aims to: 

  • Ensure greater recognition of, and support for the achievement of women in the art world.

  • Support collaboration to expand existing and to create new projects.

  • Encourage the next generation of young women interested in pursuing a career in the art world.

  • Promote equal employment practices in the cultural sector.


AWITA strives to maintain best practice in our industry. We therefore request that our members behave appropriately when attending our events and ask that our members treat fellow members with courtesy and respect. AWITA is not responsible for any business dealings conducted between members but requests, if the introduction is via the AWITA network, that both parties conform to standards of best practice of highest professionalism in the art world.

AWITA encourages feedback from our members and encourages an environment of honesty and trust. This includes (but is not limited to) reporting to the AWITA Board any behaviour of another member that could bring AWITA into disrepute. In the event of inappropriate behaviour, or if a member fails to comply with these guidelines, AWITA reserves the right to revoke membership immediately. The relevant member will be suspended with a final decision made by our Executive Committee.

Members have no authority to act or speak on behalf of AWITA unless otherwise pre-approved to do so by the AWITA Executive Committee. Members wishing to do so should approach and receive explicit approval, following an Executive Committee discussion. 

Upon your membership acceptance, we reserve the right to list both your name and job title on our printed material, website and our social media channels (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram). You are able to opt out of this by contacting Please note, it may take us 14 working days to remove your name from further publications after you submit your request. 

Members pay an annual Membership fee of £250. From July 2018 onwards, this payment can be made by direct debit only. The annual fee of £250 will be charged from the members’ account yearly, unless the AWITA office is informed in writing of the membership termination. Membership terminations must be given by email to and must be given 30 working days before the next direct debit is set to leave the members account.

If the AWITA office has not heard from the member within 30 days of their acceptance, we reserve the right to withdraw their membership offer. New members will receive 3 warnings that their payment is due. If the AWITA office has not heard from the member within 14 days of their third payment reminder, we reserve the right to withdraw their membership offer.

Upon expiry of the Membership, the member will no longer be entitled to receive any Membership benefits. 

The only members who do not pay this fee are Bursary Members and Institutional Members. For those receiving Bursary memberships, the memberships will be reviewed annually by the Executive Committee. Institutional Members have their fees paid for by their employer. If the employer fails to make the payment, or renew the payment, Institutional Members will have their membership terminated.