Visual Artist


What are you excited about right now?

Collaboration! I just received a generous grant from the Canada Council for the Arts ( to create a new body of work with exciting collaborators. The project is based on collages I make with torn bits of imagery of female bodies, luxury goods and garments torn from British Vogue. Using digital processes, the collages will be transformed into linen and silk textiles. The linen textiles will be tapestry-like and feature hand-work and embroidery designed in collaboration with Andy Kenny @LondonEmbroideryStudio. The silk will be turned into costume, prop and set design for use in my first ever live performance, which will be created with Norwegian dancer-choreographer Ludvig Daae (@hashtagfingerboy). Stay tuned @ehryntorrell

What advice would you give to women starting in the art world?

Be clear about what you want to explore and excel at so that you can enjoy good work, find your people, uphold the value of your labour and be able to recognise when opportunities are not actually part of your game plan. 

Which female artist, living or dead, would you invite to a fantasy dinner party and why?

It would have to be multi-disciplinary artist Sonia Delaunay (1885-1979), a key figure in the Parisian avant-garde who worked in painting, graphics, textiles, interiors, fashion and costume design. Over great food and wine, we would discuss colour, artistic invention and collaboration. I would relish in her stories of working with the Ballets Russes, self-branding in early 20th century Paris and what it was like to see her own retrospective at the Louvre at the age of 79.