Eileen Cooper RA

‘Seasick’ (1989) oil on canvas

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‘Seasick’ is one of two works in the New Hall Art Collection by Eileen Cooper, who is also an Honorary Fellow of Murray Edwards College.

Cooper emerged in the mid-eighties, at a time when most artists were experimenting with conceptual art and performance. Cooper, however, remained true to figuration, drawing inspiration from an eclectic mix of sources, including Greek mythology, fairy tales, bible stories, and early special effects films

Though many of Cooper’s works draw on her own autobiography, dealing with sexuality, motherhood, life and death, they are allegorical rather than anecdotal. The little boat in ‘Seasick’ might be interpreted as a symbol of the journey through life. The title points to life’s emotional turmoil and is reminiscent of the cliché that ”life isn't always plain sailing.”.