Judy Chicago

‘Voices from the Song of Songs’ (2000), 6 prints


Judy Chicago is one of the founding mothers of Western feminist art. She was a leading member of the 1970s Feminist Art Movement, which focused on depicting women’s experience and merged fine art with traditionally ‘female’ decorative art. Her installation The Dinner Party (1979), an imaginary dinner party for 39 mythical and historical women ranging from the Empress Theodora of Byzantium to Virginia Woolf, is considered one of the most iconic feminist works of the 20th century.

Chicago’s works in New Hall Art Collection are from the series ‘Voices from the Song of Songs’ which she created in 2000. The twelve prints in the series illustrate scenes from the Old Testament book, Song of Songs. Chicago explores the mutuality of desire and a shared enjoyment of sexual pleasure through her ambiguously gendered figures. The stylised sexual imagery in these prints is characteristic of Chicago’s very distinctive style.