The Guerrilla Girls

‘Estrogen Bomb’ (2012)


‘Estrogen Bomb’ (2012) is one of the three posters in New Hall Art Collection by the famous feminist activist collective, the Guerilla Girls. The group formed in 1984 in reaction to MoMA’s exhibition, ‘An International Survey of Recent Painting and Sculpture’, which included 156 male artists and only 13 female ones. They continue to be the ‘conscience of the art world’ to this day, revealing its sexism and racism, always with tongue firmly in cheek. Whenever they make public appearances they take on the names of historic female artists and writers and wear big gorilla masks (the result of a typo by one of the collective’s early members).

‘Estrogen Bomb’ (2012) is one of their most recent poster campaigns. It satirises male love of war, in particular taking aim at American foreign policy in Afghanistan. It conveys a serious political message in a light-hearted and humorous style, with the artists’ characteristically girly aesthetic.