What advice would you give to women starting in the art world?

My mother always told me to persist, and never to think a job or a task was beneath me. As I began my career after university I was drawn to people who had a similar work ethic. Dreaming big and working hard to achieve those dreams is solid advice I was given as a young professional, but particularly for women in the art world I would say: Be open. Be kind. Be fearless.

Who was the last artist to really catch your eye?

I find it very difficult to answer this question as there are so many good artists out there. More recently, what kept catching my eye, and the eye of many clients and visitors was the work of Jana Emburey which we exhibited last May at our space in Belgravia. Together with the powerful yet nuanced work of Jonathan Kelly and Justine Formentelli I had the fortune of being surrounded daily by deeply moving and exciting art! To top it all off, Alice Kemp produced some stunning new work during her residency with us at 11 Eccleston street. Lots of eye-catching work in the last few weeks!

What qualities motivate you to look at certain types of art/artists or visit a specific museum?

Art motivates me. Artistic creation motivates me. I look at all different sorts of art regardless of whether it is useful to me. I don’t just look at art because it serves a purpose. I open myself up to different things and let them inform my views. I have often felt deeply moved by something I wouldn’t have sought out. I love being challenged in this way. I feel the same way about different time periods in art; everything is connected and life is so much richer for it.