We are thrilled to welcome our members to our newly re-designed website, and into our new AWITA News section.

We started our Autumn series of events on September 4th with the “Mind the Gap” panel at Bold Tendencies. The event was a collaboration between AWITA and A-N (The Artists Information Company) and thoughtfully explored the break many women choose (or are forced to) take as part of their careers within the art world. The brilliant panel was moderated by Louisa Buck and featured Jane and Louise Wilson, Emily Speed, Lisa Panting and Rana Begum.

The panel skilfully engaged with what the 'gap' means to them, discussing the challenging topic with incredible honesty and care. The 'gap' was explored in its many iterations, ranging from residencies, motherhood, caring responsibilities and further education. The discussion raised questions of how professionals and institutions within the art world can ensure female artists are not impacted by these (planned and unplanned) gaps. This was our first collaboration with A-N, allowing the dual perspective of both the artist and the art professional to imbue the event. We are looking forward to the next opportunity to partner with A-N and further explore the connection between our two networks.

Following on from this insightful evening, we are excited to look towards our forthcoming events, which will be just as fascinating and thought-provoking for our members. Our next event will be an ever popular Walk and Talk, taking place on October 25th, providing an opportunity for our members to engage in rewarding peer-to-peer discussion, but also allowing for mentorship and advice from our members with senior positions within the art industry.

In November AWITA will be collaborating with Phaidon to host a discussion evening based on their newly published book Great Women Artists, a comprehensive overview of 500 years of women artists. The book has just been released and is our recommended book for this month!

This month our Members Spotlight series is featuring  Francesca Gavin, Lyndsey IngramLaura Kugel and Marisa Bellani highlighting their thoughts on and advice for careers in the art world.