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Tell us about a woman, well-known or not, whom you admire and why?
I have always had a fascination about Gertrude Stein. The salon formats that she created were incredible places to spark ideas and conversations, and influenced some of the greatest artists of her time, who are still a driving inspiration source for us. Her dedication to the arts, as well as her poetry and her sensibility has always fascinated me. She was very receptive to her time and I find that to be a great quality.

What leads you to look at art, visiting a specific museum or do you go out to see certain artists?
Due to my work I go see art, artists and exhibitions as part of my ongoing research and for sources of inspiration. I visit shows not only to learn, discover or rediscover aspects of artists but I am also very interested in how exhibitions are put together, the curatorial choices and presentations of artworks, which I can learn from.

If you had the opportunity, what other creative agents within the art world would you wish to collaborate with and why?
I enjoy working with and likewise simply talking with artists. Conversations with artist are usually very interesting and contrary to what some people think the only thing we don't really talk about is art. Art is often the result of such conversations and observations and that happen in the studio and is then given back to the world. Collaborating with artists gives you an insight into aspects of the world that you may overlook or not even see. IF I had time off from the gallery I would live to work more closely with artist residency directors and art school professors in order to be directed and to spark conversation with more artists.