What advice would you give to women starting in the art world?

There are a myriad different art worlds! Identify what your interests are, how you'd like to be involved and what kind of practices you want to support. In the process, see everything, read everything, and ask lots of questions.

Who was the last artist to really catch your eye?

The seven artists in 'The Trouble Is Staying', an exhibition I curated, which opened recently at MeetFactory in Prague: Vivian Caccuri (Brazil), Patricia Dominguez (Chile), Ane Graff (Norway), Ingela Ihrman (Sweden), Pedro Neves Marques (Portugal), Rachel Pimm (UK), André Romão (Portugal). They are incredible artists, and their practices embrace a philosophy of co-existence; collectively their works create possible ethics and praxes for rendering the world into a matter of care.

Do you feel lucky to do what you do?

Absolutely! I feel very lucky to think and work alongside artists and to produce exhibitions. It is amazing to work in a field that creates new visual and conceptual languages. I feel strongly that alternative modes of perceiving, constructing and interpreting the world are hugely important in the current political paradigm. At the same time, there is a concerning amount of precarity in the art world, and so much work to be done towards fair pay, eliminating the gender gap, and increasing accessibility, diversity and representation.