Which 3 qualities do you think one must have to succeed?
Resilience, hard work and ambition.

If you were to give advice to your younger self, what would it be?
Don’t trust negative people or people saying no constantly, keep on creating your own answers. Your creative thinking and imagination are soon going to become your most precious resources. Oh and stop trying to fit in, it won’t happen. Life is going to be really meaningful.

What are you excited about right now?
So many things! MTArt Agency just had the most amazing July (and I am so incredibly proud!) with 3 x our average sales record and the company’s valuation has now doubled. It’s such joy to see the numbers of partners growing, the trust and visibility of the agency being more and more established. I am so incredibly happy for our artists. There are three specific projects that I can’t wait to tell the whole world about:
1. Our artist Leni Dothan, alongside the chemistry department of UCL, just succeeded to use the medium of pollution as her paint brush, making the invisible visible and showing once again that art has the power to bring awareness to things that matter.
2. Our artist Jasmine Pradissitto, driven by the same passion for sustainability, used geopolymer in her soon to be launched public sculpture with Euston Town Business Regeneration district to absorb the black carbon in the air pollution.
3. Our artist Adelaide Damoah is soon opening her solo exhibition in October presenting a new and ambitious body of work exploring sexuality, gendered subjectivity and race.