Irina Bourmistrova.jpg

Who was the last artist to really catch your eye?

The last artist who really caught my eye was Olia Lialina, who is a pioneer net artist and theorist. She initially caught my attention with her famous browser-art piece, ‘My Boyfriend Came Back From The War’ 1996.  This work introduced me to the idea of digital archaeology and I’m so happy to see Olia finally getting the recognition she has long deserved.

Do you feel lucky to do what you do?

The opening of my own space has always been the ultimate goal throughout my career, and I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to support the scene and marketplace for emerging artists, and to encourage new collectors of digital art. This moment we live in is an interesting one, and I feel lucky to be a part of the exciting possibilities brought by art that is using electronic media technology, and to place it in a cultural context.

What makes you happy?

I’m the happiest when I’m busy researching how to approach these new art forms or visiting artist studios and degree shows. I am always trying to learn and grow and digital art/new media has changed my understanding of contemporary art completely – to me it’s a reflection of the behaviour of our technological times and I am so happy to be in partnership that aids the development of these artists and to bring their work to the public.