Tell us about a woman, well known or not, whom you admire and why.

“Sometimes you have to be broken down to your core to get back to your essence,” M.G.

Melody Gardot, A 33-year-old jazz singer, influenced by blues, jazz and Latin music. Her determination and dedication fascinates me. Melody was was hit by an SUV that ran a red light at age 18. She was confined to a hospital bed for a year and had to remain lying on her back. The accident damaged her neural pathways.  Encouraged by her physician, Gardot began writing songs. During her time in the hospital she learned how to play the guitar, play the piano lying down, and today she is an advocate of music therapy and she is nominated for Grammy award.

What are you excited about right now? 

Pi Artworks London is celebrating its fifth anniversary this fall. We are planning a big party! On another note, we have several new introductions to our artist roster from UK.  Our new representations will be announced in October. Looking so much forward to showcasing their work at Pi Artworks!

Which 3 qualities do you think one must have to succeed?

One of my artists reminded me this summer a lovely quote from Gandhi;  'First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you then you win.  To see this path through, as much cliché as it sounds, for me, absolute belief in yourself is crucial. It is ok to fail, make mistakes, what is not ok is inaction. Push yourself and keep going on without losing enthusiasm.