What advice would you give to women starting in the art world?

My journey from psychology to art, is not a traditional route to becoming an art professional. But it embodies the heart of who I am. My genuine passion for humanity, equity and fairness and the impulse to help and support people, especially the marginalized. All of this makes my journey a rewarding one.

Do not allow yourself to be pigeonholed as a female art professional or artpreneur. It is imperative that women do not define their status or justify their presence. Creativity is a platform that empowers women to express their freedom and be dynamic.

Who was the last artist to really catch your eye?

This question is very relevant to the article I posted on LinkedIn regarding my most favourite purchase of an art piece.

Tatiana Siedlova is the artist and one of her pieces was compelling both in itself and for the wider question it provoked in me.

How did you find your own way?

My parents wanted me to follow a traditional profession, however my creative soul would not allow me; therefore, I invested my own money into my future, which took an eclectic route.

I was born in Benin city, Nigeria, which is steeped in art, culture and tradition. My heritage has been a guide that allows me to appreciate the importance of cultural intelligence, traditions and art. As a result, I have been able to imbibe myself into other cultural experiences in my many travels across the world such as, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, the Middle East, to name a few, in my global citizenship.