Nina Langford



What advice would you give to women starting in the art world?

This is advice to anyone starting in the art world, not just women. Take every opportunity given and make the most of it. If you intern, really try to make yourself stand out and people will then remember you when an opportunity comes up. It is hard starting out, prepare yourself for some knockbacks along the way but don’t give up. My first job in the art world was as an Exhibitions Assistant at Tate Britain and I must have applied for around 100 jobs but it finally paid off and I had a wonderful experience there and met some lovely people. Also, remember that in most cases you’re not going to be successful overnight! It takes most people a few years soaking up the experience and learning from others.

Do you feel lucky to do what you do?

Since the merger of Drummond Reed Recruitment and Art//Work Recruitment, I now work with some lovely, like-minded people and there is a real buzz when you place someone in their dream role. It’s obviously not all roses but the positives outweigh the negative aspects and we get to work with a broad spectrum of both candidates and clients across the globe so yes, I do feel lucky to do what I do.

Have you ever envied anybody in your life?

No, it’s not worth envying anyone as it’ll only set you up for a feeling of disappointment and failure! Often people who look like they have ‘made it’ aren’t actually that happy or fulfilled (ie Instagram perfection v reality) so concentrate on your own life and try to grow and develop yourself and your own career.

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