Awita Application Form 2019


AWITA Application form

Candidates are selected by application to the Executive Committee. Membership fees are £250 per annum. Applicants for membership must also provide the name of a proposer on your application form. Your proposer must be an existing member or honorary member of AWITA. 

If you have any questions filling out your application form, please contact A downloadable and printed copy of the application form is available upon request.

Please complete the form below

PROPOSER (Your proposer must be an existing member or honorary member of AWITA)

Applicants for Membership should be able to provide evidence of sustained professional activity over the previous five years in one or more of the following areas:

a) journalism, writing, publishing, editorial - either published or on broadcast media, electronic or social media platforms;

b) teaching of practical art, art criticism, art history, aesthetics and curating at a higher education or tertiary level;

c) curatorial work for museums or galleries or other institutions, commercial organisations or collections;

d) art advisory, the representation of artists in a freelance capacity or within a commercial gallery or auction house;

e) management or directorships in the visual art, galleries, museum sector including trusts and foundations, embassies, public sector, governmental and auction house and art fairs;

f) professional services including recruitment, legal, conservation, insurance, shipping, public relations, graphic, exhibition and web design primarily to the art world;

g) collectors or patrons of visual art.

A bursary scheme is also in place; if you would like to apply for the bursary scheme please contact after completion of your application.